Tales of the Sea

The seamen who took great schooners to sea from these north East Ports were brave men. James and Lou have a strong bond based on the great schooner Sylvania which was lost in 1918 sunk by german sub and where Boudreaus and Devines were crew.
The great Atlantic rolls blue waves and the Trade winds still blow. Most of The iron men who sailed their wooden ships have passed beyond the bar but their memories remain. Their courage remains legend and we the decedents of these great men take courage from their exploits.
A quote:

“There resides in everyone the spirit of adventure, that small flame that inspires life’s quest. All that is required is the kindling and then it will burn brightly. The first sips of freedom’s heavy brew are intoxicating and will pull you ever onwards, as it has me. Drink freely of it and you will not be disappointed. May fair winds fill your sails and the lee shore never find you”

Capt. R. L. Boudreau

May 12th 1998 Chester
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