Songs of the Sea

Lou and I have a common bond in the North Atlantic where the Sylvania sailed. I am inspired by the exploits of the great sailormen of yesteryear who sailed fine schooners into the north Atlantic. May our tales and songs record forever their great deeds under sail. Please go to the photos page to read- The legend of the Sylvania and the listen to the great song by James Devine.

Songs Of The Sea

Atlantic Pride
The Autumn Winds
The Brave Men That Go To Sea
The Legend Of Sylvania
The Tale Of Jigger’s Mist
She’ll Go To Sea No More
The Jenny Lee
To Live Here By The Sea
When The Boats Slip Away
The Keepers Of The Sea
A Sea Captains Tale
A “Mariette“ Dream
The “Yankee“ She Lives To Sail Once More
The Schooner Bluenose , We Do Adore
A Look Back In Time
The Pride Of Both Countries
The Ripple
Dory Men

By : James R . Devine

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