Jake and the Magic Telescope

By Sarah-Jayne Boudreau

Jake and the Magic Telescope (Treasure of Mango Island) is the story of Jake, a young boy with a magic telescope and a penchant for adventure. Jake and his trusty shipmate, Sidney the seagull, sail the swift schooner, Sea Mist, to mythical Mango Island where they search for treasure. Along the way, they meet some interesting friends: Daphne the dolphin, Pete the parrot, Cedric the crab and Wilfred the whale, who help Jake ad Sidney when they encounter Melvin, a mean pirate, who is set on stealing their treasure.

Will Jake and Sidney beat Melvin to the bounty?

Jake and the Magic Telescope  (Treasure of Mango Island) is the first in a series of children’s books aimed at the early chapter reader. The book includes colour pictures throughout the story.

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