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Fandango’s Gold

by Lou Boudreau

Ex-Navy test pilot, Jack Carlton, operates his 90-foot charter schooner out of English Harbour, Antigua. With his trusty mate Cobb and beautiful cook Megan, Jack sails the Fandango through squalls and reef-strewn waters to an appointment with fate on remote Aves Island.

On a routine dive expedition, an old Spanish document written by a 19th century monk comes to light and his passengers turn out to be more than just tourists. Long lost treasure spells trouble for Jack and his crew as they find themselves unwittingly embroiled in a plan to salvage the gold.

Marooned on the lonely sand spit in the middle of the Caribbean, Jack and Megan survive a hurricane only to face certain death on the waterless Caribbean cay.   (Available in Paperback and Kindle)

ISBN No: 978-1-888671-19-3

The Man Who Loved Schooners

by Lou Boudreau

After a German submarine sinks the merchant barkentine Angelus, her ten crew are left to face the cold and merciless north Atlantic in a small open lifeboat without food or water. Over the next ten horrifying days, 24-year-old Walter Boudreau witnesses the death of all but one of his shipmates. Miraculously, Boudreau survives. Just as incredible, this agonizing introduction to life before the mast does nothing to cool his passion for sailing. Over the next four decades, Captain Boudreau’s love affair with the sea aboard his various classic schooners takes him through nautical adventures both thrilling and extraordinary. This book plots an exciting voyage from a shipwreck in the far north and the dramatic rescue of a stranded U.S. naval vessel, to an eerie encounter with a tiger shark. We witness the terror of confronting a 65-foot rogue wave, a fight with drug pirates in the Bahamas, and the onslaught of a vicious hurricane. Journeying from Canada’s East Coast to the Caribbean islands, across the raging Atlantic and, finally, home to Canada, the trials and tribulations of a life at sea – including the tragic loss of several of Boudreau’s beloved schooners – are tempered by the wonderful adventures of life under sail.

In this book, Walter Boudreau’s son, Robert Louis (Lou) Boudreau has chronicled the stories his father passed on to him. As Lou Boudreau writes, “Although I have put pen to paper, it is my father who speaks in his own voice.”   (Available in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle)

ISBN No: 1-888671-27-0

Jake and the Magic Telescope (Treasure of Mango Island)

by Sarah-Jayne Boudreau

Jake and the Magic Telescope (Treasure of Mango Island) is the story of Jake, a young boy with a magic telescope and a penchant for adventure. Jake and his trusty shipmate, Sidney the seagull, sail the swift schooner, Sea Mist, to mythical Mango Island where they search for treasure. Along the way, they meet some interesting friends: Daphne the dolphin, Pete the parrot, Cedric the crab and Wilfred the whale, who help Jake ad Sidney when they encounter Melvin, a mean pirate, who is set on stealing their treasure.

Will Jake and Sidney beat Melvin to the bounty?

Jake and the Magic Telescope  (Treasure of Mango Island) is the first in a series of children’s books aimed at the early chapter reader. The book includes colour pictures throughout the story.   (Available in Paperback and Kindle)

ISBN No: 978-1-927003-37-4

Where The Trade Winds Blow

by Lou Boudreau

This remarkable and poignant story begins with a Nova Scotia boy in the West Indies during the early ‘50s and ‘60s. Growing up on the shores of a magical blue lagoon, there is black magic, interesting island characters and vivid Caribbean locales seen through the eyes of young Lou Boudreau. Tall, green, mountainous islands, with hidden coves and black volcanic sand, contrast azure coral reefs and white sand beaches.

Young Lou sails the Caribbean on swift schooners as their masts trace a winding course under tropical skies toward incredible adventures just over the horizon. Set in the different and colourful Caribbean of yesterday, Where the Trade Winds Blow is a vivid tapestry of island life, adventures under sail, and eclectic characters. This literary narrative takes you on a voyage as it chronicles the life of a boy and later a man, in love with the ocean.   (Available in Paperback and Kindle)

ISBN No: 978-1-927003-20-6

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