The Schooner Yankee Restoration

The Schooner "Yankee"MMC Reviving our shared seafaring and shipbuilding heritage

Our mission is to raise and restore this famous globe sailing schooner and recapture the excitement and adventure of life under sail as it was. The name “Yankee” is synonymous with traditional deep sea sailing and the romance of adventure under sail. We will stress the wonderfull history of schooners and boat buildning between the Nova Scotia and the North Eastern US

We will offer clients/cadets the opportunity to go back in time and sail on an authentic vessel. We will stress “real sailing” in our advertising and prospectus and the “Yankee” will operate as a true wind ship. Her design and rig will reflect this philosophy. Her powerful diesel will only be used to maintain schedules in windless or adverse conditions and enter and leave port.

This is the schooner that inspired thousands to embrace the romance of the sea and the wonderful wind ships of yesteryear. Under the able command of Captain Irving Johnson, the schooner “Yankee” circumnavigated the globe 3 times. Her passengers & crew experienced the adventure of life under sail as it was in the days of yore.

Later, the schooner “Yankee” continued to carry passengers under the command of Canadian, Captain Walter Boudreau, and his Windjammer cruises. His son, Captain Lou Boudreau, wrote a book titled “The Man Who Loved schooners” chronicling their adventures under sail.

The schooner “Yankee” project  will turn back the pages of time allowing people to sail on a reproduction of this famous world-girdling vessel.

At sea, our clients/cadets will experience the romance of life under sail without the hardship. Comfortable cabins, hearty meals and a well-appointed main salon make our amateur seafarers happy after a long watch on deck. Our target clients/cadets are those many people who want to experience the way it was at sea on a real true sailing vessel.

Mornings at sea will see all hands turned to daily chores while those who have an interest in navigation or sail handling can lend a hand. Others may wish to relax in the lee of the deckhouse and read. Our ever-trolled deep-sea fishing lines bring excitement as giant tuna or wahoo are fought to the side of the ship before being brought aboard. A fine meal of fresh fish is served that same night. Other recreational activities provided by the ship might include snorkeling on coral reefs, exploring remote locations, sport fishing with rod and reel, using the ship library or steering the ship under sail.

Summers on the “Yankee” will explore out of the way bays and coves and the ships launch will explore river inlets and coastlines of the beautiful East Coast. In the winter months, she will voyage to the blue waters of the Caribbean. Our passengers will visit Old World towns, pristine beaches and interesting markets and forts.

The “Yankee” will offer a wide range of voyages tailored to the needs of sail training organizations, individual clients and our own schooner “Yankee” cadet program.

The Schooner Yankee project is committed to recapturing this wonderful era and we look forward to your kind support.

To donate contact Capt Lou:  1-902 531 2258


Or James Devine
“The Yankee – She Lives to Sail Once More”

James Devine:  1-902 398 0003

.Please contact us for details.

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