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Songs and Sea Tales of the Great Atlantic


All over the world here are those of us who dream of great things. We dream of being a race car driver or an astronaut, an adventurer or mountain climber. The grown man is less unlike the child than one might believe. We dream of going down to the sea in sailing ships and we can almost hear the creaking of the blocks and the shouts of “Full and By” and “make fast”.

Then there are those of us who dream of being schooner Captains, Masters of those graceful ocean Valkyries of which there are so few left. You sit in your study after dinner adding a few pieces of cordage to the wooden schooner model you’re putting together there. Later you open the world atlas and then closing your eyes, you hoist the mainsail and when everything’s squared away you lay a course for the Azores or West Africa.

These pages are for you. Oh, to be twenty again with nought to worry about, but I was fortunate enough to have been born a schooner master’s son and I followed in my father’s footsteps. From the child to the man there were schooners Yankee and the Doubloon, the Caribbee and the two fine Hereshoff schooners Ohankara and Mariette. The Great Bluenose II and Bird of the Isles, I stood watches on all of their decks. There can be no more stirring a sight for seaman and lands man alike than a pair of these mighty titans strapped hard on the wind, rail down under a cloud of white canvas.

And so these songs and pages. A long time ago in a Nova Scotia seaport there was a family of schooner men and fishermen who plied their trade on the great Atlantic. They were the Boudreaus and Devines  Generations have passed and still some of the sons of the sons still lay their courses to the east into the great Atlantic. My generation spent scores of years before the mast. And none of us can look to Atlantic without a tear. There were some sunk by torpedo and some who did not come home. They were and are all great schooner men.

Tradewinds is a wonderful collection of songs photos and short stories. Some of the best shots of some of the finest schooners ever to sail the Atlantic. While some of the tales are written with some literary license, all of the events recounted took place in some form or other and descriptions are accurate. The schooners  I mention all existed and a few are still afloat today. This book is perhaps a voyage of reminiscence, back to a time long gone by, or could I dare to hope, a Harbinger of things to come. Maybe we are greater dreamers than we think. Cast off and read on.

“Tradewinds” is proud to announce that we are now the managers of the Schooner Yankee project, an exciting plan that will see the original Schooner Yankee sail again! Please click on Schooner Yankee for more info.

Captain Robert Louis Boudreau


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